Department of Economics

Assistant Professor of International Trade

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Since June 2019, Dr. Florian Unger has been a new assistant professor of economics with a focus on international trade at the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Göttingen.

His research focuses on the areas of credit frictions and globalisation, innovation and international trade, as well as the influence of tax reforms on the export behaviour of companies. At the Faculty of Business and Economics he will mainly offer courses on international economics in the Master's programmes in Economics.


Göttingen researchers investigate the effect of income inequality on behaviour

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Do differences in performance have an impact on the appetite for risk-taking in decision-makers? Economists at the University of Göttingen have addressed this question. The result of their study is that people's willingness to take risks increases as soon as they get a lower return than other people with whom they compare themselves. At the same time, decision-makers take lower risks if they get a higher return than their peers. The study was published in the journal Games and Economic Behavior.


University Ranking 2019 of the WirtschaftsWoche - Göttingen Economics Ranked 8

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On behalf of the business magazine "WirtschaftsWoche", the consulting firm Universum interviewed 650 HR managers across Germany to find out which universities (universities and universities of applied sciences) they preferred to recruit from and which criteria they paid particular attention to. In economics, the University of Göttingen was ranked 8th. In addition to the natural sciences and law, the ranking primarily refers to business-related subjects such as business administration and economics, electrical engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering, business informatics and industrial engineering.