Overview bachelor's and master's degree courses

The bachelor/master system introduced in the winter semester 2005/06 has the aim to gradually replace the previous master and teacher training courses. It started on bachelor level with the teacher training subjects, followed by the other disciplines in the winter semester 2006/07. The master’s courses that continue and expand the bachelor’s courses were established in the winter terms 2008/09 (Master of Education, Faculty of Social Sciences) and 2009/10 (Master of Arts, Faculty of Humanities).

In the two following lists all two-subject bachelor's degree courses of the university and the master's degree courses of the Faculty of Humanities are listed below:

More information on study subjects can be found at the individual departments and institutes of the faculties that provide these services. There information is available on the structure of the disciplines offered by them, what requirements exist, etc. Individual questions will be gladly answered by the academic consultants.

Important: Not for every bachelor's degree subject a corresponding master course exists! On the other hand, there are master's courses which have no direct equivalent on bachelor’s level and can be taken based on a variety of bachelor’s subjects.

The bachelor’s degree is - unless specified otherwise - a two-subject bachelor's degree, ,which is formed from a combination of two different subjects. At the University of Göttingen, both subjects are studied equally, i.e. in both subjects the same number of credits (66 credits each) has to be acquired. A graphical overview of the structure of the bachelor’s degree programs can be found on this page.

A basic principle of the two-subject bachelor is that any combination of subjects is allowed. The specially marked teaching subjects can only be combined among themselves, and can, of course, only be studied in the teacher training profile! Please also note that the transition from bachelor’s degree teacher training to a Master of Education in teacher training is only possible with certain combinations of subjects. For details, refer to this overview of the possible combinations in teacher training.

Caution! The combination of a teacher training subject with a non-teacher training subject is not possible (for example, Biology and German [both teaching subjects] as a combination is possibly within the teacher training bachelor’s program; Biology and German Philology [the first a teaching subject, the latter a regular two-subject bachelor’s degree subject] is not possible).