About the Sound Archive

The sound archive of the Department of Musicology holds audio- and video documents. Archived media are vinyl and LP, compact audio cassettes, CDs, tapes and VHS-cassettes, DVDs and Digital Video tapes. Archived music comprises published recordings of European art music and field recordings of ethnomusicologists from diverse parts of the world.
The archive is a teaching and research collection. Media are exempt from loan and can only be used inside the library premises. Media are not listed in the catalogue of SUB Göttingen, but card catalogues are available for searching the collection.

The audio and video material of the collection van Lamsweerde are enlisted in the Opac of SUB Göttingen. Photographic reproductions of the physical sound media are documented by the Phonogrammarchiv Berlin and can be resarched on SMB-digital. Please note there are no digital sound recordings available. Please contact the librarian Cornelia Strauß for questions of usage.