Activities & Events

Upcoming & Ongoing

  • Statistical Consulting for the Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 990
    Guidance to researchers of the SFB in all aspects of statistical analysis, from the choice of the appropriate statistical model and analysis tool for a given data set to general questions concerning different types of data and the choice of an appropriate estimation method. Support in implementing the data analysis in established software packages (Excel, R, Stata, SPSS etc.), and with the interpretation and presentation of results.

Past Events

  • 2017 ZfS Summer School (October 5)
    Doctoral summer school for PhD students affiliated with the Centre for Statistics, providing participants with the opportunity to present and discuss their work (location: KWZ 0.602)
  • Data Science Sommerschule mit eRA (July 10-21, 2017)
    This two-week summer school is aimed at (advanced) BA-, MA-, and early-stage PhD students from any discipline who are interested in learning about data science (e.g., data management, program analyzing, analyzing data, communicating results, etc.). In a series of lectures, the participants will be introduced to the field of data science. These will be complemented with practical sessions and exercises from real world examples. Students will benefit from project experience from our broad range of experts in the field. Topics covered will be: Data lifecycle and data management, Infrastructures and Platforms, Mathematical and Statistical Methods, Text Analysis, Visualization & story telling, and ELSA. Participants will also be given the opportunity to present and discuss their work in short presentation sessions.
  • SIGNAL Workshop (February 13 & 20, 2017)
    Two-day workshop on statistical modelling of spatial (in-)dependence; application on different treatments from agroforestry & introduction to data analysis with R
  • Course "Geoadditive Regression with BayesX" (February 1 & 2, 2017)
    Advanced course on geoadditive regression analysis using the "BayesX" program, taught at the Centro de Estatística e Aplicações de Universidade de Lisboa by Thomas Kneib and Hauke Thaden
  • 2016 ZfS Summer School (October 6-7)
    Doctoral summer school for PhD students affiliated with the Centre for Statistics, providing participants with the opportunity to present and discuss their work.
  • Course "Choice Models" (September 19-21, 2016)
    Choice-Based Conjoint (CBC) workshop, taught by Winfried Steiner (TU Clausthal) and Peter Kurz (TNS Infratest). The course introduces participants to state-of-the-art and advanced topics in choice-based conjoint (CBC) analysis. It provides a profound overview of all basic data collection and data analysis steps in order to conduct a CBC study, including questionnaire design, constructing efficient CBC designs, estimation of utilities using logit, latent class and Hierarchical Bayes models, and market simulation. It then extends the standard CBC approach to alternative-specific designs, such as e.g. pricing issues in CBC studies. All contents are illustrated with examples and exercises, and implemented in the Sawtooth software.
  • Course "Statistical Basics for PhDs" (September 5, 2016)
    Introductory course for PhD students of the Organic Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel/Witzenhausen, providing a short overview over statistical basics.
  • "The Craft of Smoothing" course (August 3-4, 2016)
    Two-day short course on penalized splines for Master's and PhD students from all areas of applied sciences, taught by Prof. Brian Marx (Louisiana State University), one of the inventors of the method.
  • Course "Mixed Models" (August 2-3, 2016)
    Two-day course for members of the SFB990, BEFmate, and DPZ on (generalized) linear mixed models for analyzing clustered data and longitudinal data with a strong focus on application.
  • DAGStat 2016 (March 14-18, 2016)
    Fourth joint meeting of the "Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Statistik" (DAGStat), the German consortium of scientific societies and professional associations that have the further development of statistical theory and methodology as their objective, with contributions from all fifteen societies forming the DAGStat. The meeting also hosts the 62. "Biometrische Kolloquium", the "Pfingsttagung der Deutschen Statistischen Gesellschaft" and the 40. "Jah­restagung der Gesellschaft für Klassifikation".
  • Course "Bayesian Inference" (June 9-11, 2015)
    Advanced course on Bayesian methods, taught at the Department of Conservation Biology, Doñana Biological Station in Seville by Thomas Kneib and Nadja Klein.
  • Course "Statistik für Geisteswissenschaftler" ("Statistics for students of Arts & Humanities") (April-June, 2015)
    Siri Spracherkennung, Kopula-Analyse, Cliometrie: Im täglichen Leben wie auch in der Geisteswissenschaftlichen Forschung spielt Statistik eine große Rolle. Ziel dieses Kurses ist es sich den Grundlagen und Grundsätzen der Statistik widmen: Vom historischen Werdegang der Statistik, über die Anwendung fundamentaler Statistik auf Forschungsfragen hin zu den zugrundeliegenden Konzepten moderner statischer Anwendungen im Bereich der Geisteswissenschaft.
  • Course "Distributional Regression" (February 23-27, 2015)
    Advanced course on distributional regression methods, taught at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research, University of Santiago de Compostela by Thomas Kneib and Nadja Klein.
  • International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM) 2014 (July 14-18, 2014)
    29th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling (IWSM). One of the major activities of the Statistical Modelling Society, the workshop promotes statistical modelling in its widest sense, involving both academic and professional statisticians and data analysts. It is focused on problems motivated by real life data and on solutions that make novel contributions to the subject.
  • "Introduction to R" course (November 20-21, 2014)
    Doctoral course for the "Behaviour and Cognition" PhD programme.
  • "Regression with R" course (March 17-20, 2013)
    Doctoral course for the "Göttinger Graduiertenschule Gesellschaftswissenschaften" (GGG), primarily aimed at PhD students from the faculties participating in the GGG who plan to conduct empirical analyses within their PhD projects.
  • "Spatial Statistics" course (February 2013)
    Doctoral course on spatial statistics, taught by Thomas Kneib at the University of Innsbruck, Austria.