Aims and functions of the GCG

It is the GCG's aim to coordinate, initiate, and advance research in Gender Studies at the University of Göttingen. A particular focus lies on the advancement of young academics in their doctoral and especially their post-doctoral phases throughout which the Centre intends to develop suitable measures of networking with existing institutions and to provide assistance for applicants. Equally supported within the context of the BA and MA courses in Gender Studies (link to German content) are teaching activities with an eye towards innovative areas of research and international developments.
The GCG furthermore aims at building regional and nationwide networks for Gender Studies in a German-speaking as well as an international context.

Concrete functions of the GCG include:

  • Organising, coordinating, conducting, and supporting interdisciplinary research projects in the field of Gender Studies and its applications
  • Cooperating with other Centres of the University of Göttingen focusing on Gender Studies as well as with national and international institutions
  • supporting young academics in the humanities and the social sciences
  • Providing fresh impetus for the advancement of the bachelor's and master's degree courses in Gender Studies
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and scholarly communication through conceiving, conducting, and supporting gender-related events, including symposia, colloquia, guest lectures, workshops and lecture series