I'm Ferley, a fourth year PhD student in economics at Universidad del Rosario, Colombia. Aspiring experimental economist hoping to better the lives of the people with fewer opportunities. I am doing experiments to understand workers' behaviors in a labor market with high inequality and informality. Workers throughout their lives have unequal access to opportunities that affects their participation in the supply of labor. I am interested in the application of experimental methods to examine the relationship between expectations and the labor supply.  The feedback of a career test, the rules for contract allocation, the brain resources needed for a task and the gender of hypothetical children are randomly varied in experiments to understand occupational aspirations, effort provision, the evaluation process of job offers and the expected gender gap in time allocation. 

site: https://sites.google.com/view/ferleyrincon/ 

Ritwik Banerjee is an Associate Professor of the Economics area at Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore, India. His primary research area is at the intersection between Behavioural and Development Economics and he extensively uses Experimental Methods for his research. Some of the topics he has investigated or is currently investigating are corruption, inequality, education and discrimination.

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