Alumi Reunion: The faculty extends a warm invitation

Did you complete a degree in economic sciences 25 or 40 years ago, or begin your studies 20 or 30 years ago in Göttingen? Are you a part of a group of former students of the Faculty of Business and Economics that would like to visit your alma mater for an anniversary event? If so, the Faculty of Business and Economics would like to invite you to the University's Alumni Day to reconnect and learn about the Faculty.

The Alumni Day is organized by Alumni Göttingen, the central alumni network of the University of Göttingen. All alumni members are cordially invited to attend. Every year, the Faculty of Business and Economics also invites "Silver Diplom Students" of the corresponding year, i.e., those that completed their "Diplom" 25 years ago. The Alumni Day includes a lecture on the current developments and activities of the Faculty in terms of research and teaching (in German), as well as a small reception afterwards. You are also invited to participate in any of the numerous activities organized by Alumni Göttingen, including an evening programme.

If you are interested in incorporating a lecture into your self-organized visit to the University, you are welcome to participate in the "Silver Diplom Students" programme, even if you are not officially included in the invited participant list. For further information, please contact the Communications and Marketing Team (contact information in the right-hand column).

Due to organizational limitations, please note that this programme is offered only on the official Alumni Day. The timing of the event will be determined by Alumni Göttingen.

As the central alumni organization of the University of Göttingen, the Alumni Göttingen promotes the network of former alumni, students, faculty, and friends and supporters from all disciplines. The organization was founded in 2001, and has over 4,000 members across the globe. Amongst the members, alumni from the Faculty of Business and Economics makes up one of the largest groups.

A group of people stand on the campus of Göttingen University.


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