Bùi Kim Ðĩnh, M.A.

Bùi Kim Đĩnh obtained two master degrees: one in Vietnamese Archaeology in Hà Nội and the other in Management and Communication in Museums in Berlin. Experiences in different fields, Kim Đĩnh is also active as an independent curator in contemporary art. Her regional focus is in Việt Nam and Southeast Asia.

Since 2016, she has been working on her doctoral research in anthropology with the scholarship of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser. “Independent art in Việt Nam since the 1990s. Political power for a civil society?” is the title of the project, in which she examines the development of independent art and its potential to transform Vietnamese civil society. Between 2016 – 17, she spent eight months in Việt Nam for conducting fieldwork.

Doctoral research project:
Independent art in Vietnam since the 1990s. Political power for a civil society? (abstract) granted by Friedrich Naumann Stiftung für die Freiheit (Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom)

Other projects:
Skylines With Flying People 3

contemporary art, anthropology of art, art and politics, art and acency theory, transnational networks, diaspora studies.

Vietnam, Germany