About BeCog (Dr. phil.)

The PhD program Behavior and Cognition (Dr. phil.) aims at providing an interdisciplinary training platform for PhD students with a focus in the humanities

The PhD programs BeCog (Dr. rer. nat.) and BeCog (Dr. phil.) are intended to reflect the increasing importance of research into human and animal behavior and its underlying cognitive processes. The aim is to bring together different research approaches into an integrative and interdisciplinary research and training focus. To this end, we aim to provide a common ground for students from the fields of biology, psychology, neuroscience, as well as linguistics, literary studies, and philosophy.
The research is oriented towards questions of the influence of cultural, social and ecological factors on human and animal behavior as well as the underlying emotional, physiological, neurological and cognitive processes. In addition to empirical methods, theoretical and model-based methods are to be applied on an equal footing.

While the PhD program "Behavior and Cognition" at the Faculty of Biology provides a doctoral platform for students of the natural sciences, the PhD program at the Faculty of Humanities aims to provide a corresponding doctoral environment for students of the humanities in cognitive science, literary studies, linguistics and philosophy in the study of human thought and behavior. The research focus, of the doctoral students involved in the program, will be on the empirical study and theoretical modeling of complex linguistic structures and processes at the discourse and text levels in the fields of linguistics, literary studies, and philosophy.

This PhD program is incorporated into the GSGG.