"Biochemistry and Biophysics" (12 C, 14 WLH) [M.Bio.107]

Learning outcome, core skills: Molecular biochemistry and biophysics of different classes of biomolecules, plant primary and secondary metabolism, lipid metabolism, lipids as signal molecules and secondary metabolites, biotechnological utilization and modification of storage substances, enzymes of lipid metabolism, modern biophysical methods for analysis of biomolecules
Handling of state of the art equipment, critical dealing with current biochemical topics, detailed analysis of experiments and their presentation. Independent acquisition of professional knowledge from publications.

Examination requirements: Basic knowledge of different classes of biomolecules and their metabolism knowledge about spectroscopy of molecules biotechnologic techniques using plants.

1. Lecture: »Biochemistry and Biophysics« (3 WLH),
2. Seminar: »Biochemistry and Biophysics« (1 WLH),
3. Methods course: »Biochemistry and Biophysics« (10 WLH)

Examination: written examination covering lecture topics (90min, 80% of grade) and protocol (20 pages max, 20% of grade)
Prerequisite for examination: regular participation in methods course and protocol

Selection options

Admission requirements
can't be combined with key competence modules M.Bio.157 and M.Bio.167

Recommended previous knowledge

Number of repeat examinations permitted

Course frequency
each summer semester

1 semester


360 h (196/164 h, Attendance time /Self-study time)

Person responsible for module
Prof. Dr. Ivo Feußner