C02 - Social transformation processes and sustainable resource use in rural Jambi

This project will focus on three main objectives regarding sustainable landscape development in Jambi:
i) explanation how global initiatives of sustainable palm oil and rubber certifications affect local perceptions and discourses on sustainability, production processes, and social organization,
ii) explanation how impending oil palm and rubber replanting processes influence smallholder livelihoods, and how such processes offer opportunities for more sustainable land use, and
iii) identification of policies and institutions for a sustainable resource use beside certification schemes on different scales.
The project will apply qualitative case studies, participatory tools, as well as a standardized survey.
Extended Summary

Trennblatt C02 a

Trennblatt C02 b
Our qualitative studies have shown that extensive family networks, transnational corporation networks and urban investors are important factors for land use decisions and drivers of land use change.
(Otten et al. unpublished)