C02 In-situ atomic scale study of active states during photo-electrochemical water splitting (Jooss, Techert)

Oxygen evolution by water splitting requires the transfer of four charge carriers for the liberation of one oxygen molecule in a complex reaction sequence. The long term goal of this project is to identify electric field and photon-driven mechanisms which allow for running the reaction at the lowest possible overpotential using correlation effects at the catalyst surface. The formation of the active state of the selected model catalysts, i.e. doped manganites and cobaltites, will be studied by environmental TEM (ETEM). Charge transfer dynamics across the interface will be investigated by time-resolved surface sensitive x-ray absorption spectroscopy and diffraction.


Fig.1: Activation/formation processes of oxygen evolving catalysts (manganese perovskites) are studied by environmental transmission electron microscopy. Structural analysis is complemented by electronic information from electron energy loss spectroscopy.