Career choices: The art of creating a career that you love

Responsible person
Dr. Kerstin Mauth
20 h attendance time
25 h self-study time
25th - 29th October 2021

9:00 - 13:00
Online via Zoom
Number of students
Please send an email until 04.10.2021 to

Course description In todays fast changing and complex world careers - either inside or outside academia - are getting more and more unpredictable and thus difficult to plan. Long ago are the times in which one would enter university with a job description in mind, end up in that job and stay in it ever after. Careers are more flexibel, agile and disrupted than ever before. Navigating a career under these circumstances asks for specific mindsets and instruments. This highly interactive workshop equips participants with insights and tools that help them to build a career that fits their values and strengths. It helps them to move forward towards what is meaningful to them and navigate times of uncertainty with clarity and ease.

Topics to be covered: Values: Uncover your Life's Intentions
Transferable skills: Knowing your strengths and your potential
Creating career plans: Experimenting with and exploring different paths
Networks: Who are your supporters?
Keep moving: Taking creative action towards new shores

Goals of the workshop:

  • Participants are aware of current trends of the job market and the implications of these trends for creating their careers
  • Participants develop an attitude of curiosity and pro-activeness that allows them to navigate uncertainty with clarity and focus
  • Participants know their personal values and can actively use them to shape their careers
  • Participants know their competence profile (transferable skills) and are able to communicate it clearly
  • Participants have developed three different career plans and concrete first steps that allow them to take action towards at least one of these options
  • Participants explore their networks with regard to these three options, identify potential supporters and gaps, and develop concrete ideas on how to use their networks actively to further their careers
  • Participants know principles and tools that support them in moving forward in their careers especially in challenging and unpredictable situations
  • Participants gain clarity on what is important to them in their careers and how to take consistent action towards that


  • Theoretical input
  • Pair- and small-group exercises
  • Plenary discussion
  • Information interviews

Chores & Transfer of knowledge: Participants are required to write a two-page summary of their insights (e.g., values and transferable skills) by the end of the workshop. During the workshop participants will create a concrete action step that allows them to gain more insight into one of their career options. They will lead one information interview and write a one-page report about the insights they gained from that interview with regard to their own profile and career plans.

Material: Participants will receive digital handouts along with a personalized MURAL board that allows them to summarize and access all insights from the workshop easily in one place. Participants will receive all slides as a PDF file after the workshop.

Admission requirements: Students of GGG or GFA, other PhD students if free places are available. Participants should be in the second half of their PhD studies or evaluating their career path.

Cancellation policy:

Your registration for courses and workshops offered by the GFA is binding. If you want to cancel your registration later than three weeks prior to the workshop start date, you have to provide a physician's note. A late deregistration without a reason for illness is only possible with the consent of the first supervisor. If non of these two conditions is met, you will be barred from registering for GFA courses for the period of one year.
Please be aware that with a late deregistration you block seats for other PhD students, which otherwise could have taken part in the workshop.

Absence policy

To earn credits for a workshop/course, you must not miss more than 10% of total contact hours. In most cases, this will be less than a day. If it is inevitable that you miss more than a whole day, please notify us well in advance (at least one week).