Advice & Counselling

PhD candidates on the Göttingen Campus have access to a wide range of advice and counselling services in every phase of their doctoral study.

For questions regarding administrative, organisational or qualification-related matters, you may contact:


„The book goes beyond typical mental health discussions (where the focus for improving mental health is placed on PhD students to become "more resilient") and explores some of the often unspoken environmental factors that can impact mental health. These include the PhD student-supervisor relationship, the pressure to publish, and deep systemic problems in academia, such as racism, bullying and harassment.“

The book is available at the SUB. Within the campus network, individual chapters can be downloaded directly. To download from outside the campus network or to download the entire book, you must authenticate yourself with your library card number and the corresponding password.

Further information on these topics

Family & Diversity

Equality, diversity and a family-friendly infrastructure are of particular importance to the University of Göttingen.

Family offers provided by the University

The University of Göttingen is a family friendly institution committed to support an appropriate balance of academic studies, science career, family and private life. The Family Service is offering compatibility-orientated support structures including:

If you need support in finding childcare to visit specific events (workshops, courses) you are welcome to get in touch with us directly.


We are committed to facilitate a diverse and vibrant environment by providing everybody in the GFA to have equal opportunities and to reach full potential regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnic and social origin, as well as life and family situation. Please contact our office if you are experiencing any issues regarding your doctoral studies due to discrimination. We will do our best to assist and support you in finding a competent contact/institution that is able to help with your request. Everything is treated strictly confidential. For doctoral students with disabilities or chronic diseases please get in touch with our office in order to alleviate for corresponding challenges.

Information and counselling offers provided by the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Unit of the University.

Decentralised Equal Opportunities Teams

The equal opportunities teams of the faculties consist of elected deputies for all status groups and support with questions related to compatibility of work/studies and family or in conflict situations.

Furthermore, the University of Göttingen provides the Dorothea Schlözer Programme to promote career development of female early career scientists and scholars at various career levels.