Chair of Information Management

Research paper accepted for publication in JAIS

The following paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of the Association of Information Systems (ranked 5th best IS journal globally):

> Mandrella, M., Trang, S., Kolbe, L. M., (2019): Synthesizing and Integrating Research on IT-Based Value Co-Creation: A Meta-Analysis, Journal of the AIS, (forthcoming).

Conference attendances in Munich


Last week two conferences took place in Munich. Dr. Benedikt Brendel visited the AI4U together with objective partner AG and informed himself about the latest trends in the context of artificial intelligence and machine learning. At the TDWI2019 he presented current research results on the topic "Simulation of complex mobility systems: The Example of Carsharing".

Göttingen is up running and we are surveying the data security of fitness trackers


Once a year, the entire city runs at the Göttinger Altstadtauf. We used this opportunity to survey the runners about the data security of fitness trackers. Do you also track your running? Feel free to participate in our survey:

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