Diplomatischer Apparat


The charters and manuscripts in the collection can be consulted by scholars with a relevant research interest after prior arrangement.

Bibliography on the collection's history

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The shelf marks that are still in use today were assigned in the 19th century. Further documents, acquired in the last years, may be found under the shelf marks 8H (palm leaves with Old Javanese texts and pictures) und 8K (Coptic textiles).

Reproductions of material preserved in the Apparatus diplomaticus can be requested as digitised images produced by the Reprocentre of the Goettingen State and Universitiy Library (Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek). Invoices are handled by the library.


The collection contains approximately 900 charters, the oldest of which date from the 11th century. In most cases, the medieval charters are covered by pertinent editions and regesta. There are typed inventories on the main collection of charters dating back to 1972. Copies of these inventories are also held by the state archives in Hannover and Wolfenbüttel. In addition, the collection contains 67 seals and 144 wax casts of seals.

Manuscripts and manuscript fragments

For information on the collection's four manuscripts, diverse papyri and approximately 570 fragments of manuscripts dating from the 4th to the 15th centuries. cf. [Wilhelm Meyer], Verzeichniss der Handschriften im Preussischen Staate. 1 Hannover. Die Handschriften in Göttingen vol. 3, Berlin 1894, pp. 501-507.

Manuscript 2 E:
http://www.hab.de/files/halberstaedterhss/GÖ_DA_2E.html. (description)
http://diglib.hab.de/?db=mss&list=ms&id=ed000032 (digitized document).