China, Beijing Normal University Maxdo College and Business School, Peking

Dear students

The Faculty of Business and Economics offers a new partnership signed with the Beijing Normal University (BNU) Maxdo Collega and Business School as of winter term 2018/19. The BNU was founded in 1902 and is one of the oldest universities in China. Its German title is „Pädagogische Universität Peking“. The university is one of the prestigious universities in China and takes part in the “project 211” (measure taken by the Chinese government to facilitate the development of higher education in the context of the country's advancement in social and economic fields).

The BNU is located in the capital Beijing which stands for “northern capital” referring to the city’s location in the north of China. It is a very old city with diverse historical and cultural monuments. The slogan of the Business school states: “Promoting business and culture to serve the nation and the world by creating knowledge and developing talents.”

Among the 20,000 students 1,800 international students are enrolled at the university. The study course “International business” is one of the study programs in the field of economic sciences with an international scope. Students have the possibility to attend courses in German, French, Spanish or Portuguese alongside the English-taught program.
In general, the university consists of 20 different departments, e.g.:

  • School of Economy and Business Administration,
  • School of Systems Science,
  • School of Art and Mass Media und
  • School of Psychology.

  • For further information and questions, please contact our Study Abroad advisory team.

    University Normal University,
    Maxdo College and Business School
    City Peking
    Population ca. 21.500.000 (2016)
    Suitable for BWL, VWL (Bachelor & Master)
    No. of Students over 20.000
    Academic year

    1st Semester: March - July

    2nd Semester: September - January or February

    Language of instruction English
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    Application process

    • 1. Apply at the Study Abroad Advisory team:
      Until the 15th of Jan for the following winter semester
      Until the 15th of June for the following summer semester
      Application documents are only available online during the application period under this URL.
    • 2. If your application is successful you will be nominated as a suitable candidate at the host university.
    • 3. Please note that you must conduct the enrolment process yourself at the host university. Also take note of any additional application deadlines.
    • 4. Some points to consider when starting your travel arrangements:

      • International travel insurance
      • Credit approval procedures
      • Possible visa application
      • Book flights
      • Etc.

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