Christine Göb, born 1985, majored in German Studies, American Studies and Studies of Medieval English Language and Literature at the Universities of Göttingen and Reading. She received her M.A. degree with a thesis entitled "Inszenierung(s)Sturm: Intermedial Analyses of Literary Artist Portraits in German Expressionism". Prior to her graduation she worked as student and teaching assistant at the Department of Medieval English Language and Literature and the Courant Research Centre "Text Structures". Since April 2013 she works as graduate assistant at the Courant Research Centre, where she also does her PhD. Her PhD project raises the question of the mechanisms at work in the constitution of character in poetry. Starting from those narratological approaches to the problem of character formation and presentation using principles borrowed from cognitive sciences, her project aims at, inter alia, modifying the narratologically-shaped instruments of analysis with respect to the specifics of poetry.