Cooperations of the Institute for Agricultural Law

Cooperation between the Institute for Agricultural Law and the “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Agrarrecht” (DGAR)

The cooperation of the Institute of Agricultural Law with DGAR has tradition. Members of the Institute have regularly been members of the Executive Board and other committees of DGAR. Thus, Prof. Dr. Martínez has been the second chairman since 07.10.2015 and a member of the executive board of the DGAR since October 2012. Furthermore since October 2013 Prof. Dr. Martínez is the principal editor of the magazine "Agrar- und Umweltrecht", published by DGAR.

In the past Prof. Dr. Barbara Veit (2003-2012), Dr. Wolfgang Winkler (2002-2003), Prof. Dr. Volkmar Götz (1979-2002) sowie Prof. Dr. Karl Kroeschell (1964-1994) participated in the executive board of DGAR. In addition, Prof. Dr. Karl Kroeschell (inheritance law), Dr. Wolfgang Winkler (comparative Law, agricultural Social law), Prof. Dr. Volkmar Götz (agricultural business law) und PD Ines Härtel (environmental law) have been represented in the committees of DGAR.

Cooperation between the Institute for Agricultural Law and the Comité Européen de Droit Rural (C.E.D.R.)

The cooperation of the Institute for Agricultural Law with the Comité Européen de Droit Rural (C.E.D.R.) consists of reporting (general or country reports) as well as association functions in CEDR.
For example, Prof. José Martinez is currently the national rapporteur for Commission III of the upcoming CEDR Congress on 05.05.2017 in Lille.

Prof. Dr. Martínez has already served as a national rapporteur and also as a general rapporteur for commissions of C.E.D.R., he is also deputy country representative for Germany within the umbrella organization.

Foreign relations of the Institute for Agricultural Law

The Institute for Agricultural Law closely cooperates with other institutions and scientists in Germany and abroad.

At the moment the institute maintains relations and contacts with the chairs of agricultural law of the universities of Lucerne (Prof. Dr. Norer), Poznan (Prof. Dr. Budzinowski), Pisa (Prof. Dr. Sirsi), Udine (Prof. Dr. D'Addezio), and Viterbo (Prof. Dr. Albissini) as well as Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest, the University of Debrecen (Hungary) and the German-Chinese Institute Nanjing as well as the University of Peking.
There is also a regular attendance of guest lecturers from Posen and Bogotá.

The Institute for Agricultural Law is also involved in agricultural law teaching abroad. For example, lectures on agricultural law are offered during the lecture-free period at the University of Budapest, Bogotá and Nanjing. There is also a visiting professorship at the University of Santo Tomas for International and European Agricultural Law as part of an international master's program.
Since 2016, the institute has been participating in the German-Colombian Peace project of the DAAD.

In 2017, the existing cooperation with China and the East Asian region could be strengthened by a joint workshop in Taipei (Taiwan) in November 2017. The event is by Prof. dr. Shieh, the Chair of Administrative, Administrative and Social Law of the Chinese Culture University and the Institute of Agricultural Law.

In 2018, the participation in the German-Columbian Peace Institute could be deepened, a visit to South Korea (Prof. Dr. Keum) could be initiated and a further seminar with the German-Chinese Peace Institute could be organized.

In 2019, the Peace Institute hosted a seminar in Washington DC, USA, also a delegation of Colombian researchers and a delegation of Chinese ministers visited Göttingen.