Information on cycling in Göttingen: Bicycle transport, bicycle workshops, bicycle rental and much more - see here.

As a civil servant in the public sector, there are currently two options for leasing a company bicycle:

  • The leasing instalments for the JobRad are converted from non-tariff or above-tariff payments, unless these have been regulated in the collective agreement.
  • As an extra salary
More information can be found here.

Instead of owning a car, you can also share it. Information about car sharing can be found here.

Reduce your travel costs, travel together and be recognised for tax purposes - form car pools and save CO2 and nerves. Besides common online services, the University of Göttingen also offers car-sharing services:

For students:
Schwarzes Brett on StudIP

Employees of the University:

Instead of being stuck in traffic in the morning, how about relaxing on the bus? The job ticket makes it possible.
More information for employees


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