In publica commoda

Corporate Language

Not only in visual terms but also in terms of language, a uniform appearance of the university is important in order to reach as many people as possible and to avoid misunderstandings.

Inclusive spelling

The University of Göttingen wants to ensure equal opportunities and protection against discrimination for all its members and staff. Therefore, it promotes linguistic equality, also with regard to gender diversity. This handout (in German)supports you with practical examples of neutral wording, ways of addressing people, implementation in job advertisements and other areas.

English Usage Style Guide

In order to support all University members with writing English texts and translations and to ensure correctness and consistency, an English Usage Style Guide has been produced.

University Glossary German/English

The University Glossary contains German terms and their English equivalents or explanations. These include both terms specific to the University of Göttingen (eg names of individual institutes or faculties) and terms that may be used elsewhere (eg general administration or terms used by funders such as the DFG). Please use the glossary as an initial reference point or as support for AI-supported translations. Please feel free to refer external translation agencies to the University glossary.

Author affiliation policy

In order to ensure that publications by scientists of our university are correctly attributed to the University of Göttingen in databases such as SCOPUS or Web of Science, it is important to use the name "University of Goettingen" consistently in English. More information on this can be found in the Author affiliation policy.

Rules for text processing

The standard DIN 5008 gives recommendations for making documents reader-friendly, practical and clear.