Course Evaulation - Student Surveys

Since the winter semester of 2006/07 the evaluation of all courses at the University of Goettingen has been a compulsory/ mandatory measure to help ensure educational development and quality.

Students from all 12 faculties (except for Medicine) are now asked to evaluate the university staff relevant to them using one centrally organised and prepared procedure.

All faculties are responsible for the inclusion of their courses in the survey. The Dean of Studies then sends a list of courses to the central evaluations department every semester. Lecturers that do not have their courses registered in UniVZ, but still wish to take part in the survey, can join if interest is shown.

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences Teaching Evaluation
Since the winter semester of 2006/07, all courses in each semester are included in the University’s evaluation plan. All lecturers are obliged to have their courses scrutinised by participants as part of the university’s strategy to ensure high teaching standards, educational development and quality.

Results of the evaluations are assessed each semester by the Dean of Studies, who then implements suitable improvements to teaching quality based on study commission discussions and faculty advice.

Mailing address for completed forms:
Abteilung Studium und Lehre
Qualitätsmanagement Studium und Lehre
Wilhelmsplatz 2
37073 Göttingen