Curriculum Vitae

2020:M.A. Social and Cultural Anthropology
Master thesis: "A Battleground Where Different Chamorro Philosophies Meet" - Third Space and Cultural Identity in the frame of the 12th Festival of Pacific Arts, Guam 2016. (supervised by Prof. Dr. Elfriede Hermann and Dr. Wolfgang Kempf)
2013:B.A. Musicology and Social and Cultural Anthropology
Bachelor Thesis: "The Goldwaters" - Folk Songs and the Musical Mobilization of the Goldwater Movement in the US Presidential Election of 1964 (supervised by Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels and Dr. Eva-Maria van Straaten)
Since 2014 Working as an independent film producer
anthropologically informed productions on topics of social and environmental sustainability; realization of international film and video video projects in the context of higher education communication; projects for nine European universities within the ENLIGHT network.