Data transfer from UniVZ to Stud.IP

The UniVZ coupling with Stud.IP has been in operation since the 2011 summer semester. This coupling means that all data concerning people, institutions and courses are imported from UniVZ to Stud.IP. This avoids double entries and differing data in the two systems.
The coupling is available to the entire university, and the systems are synchronised nightly (except for UMG).

No input of courses in Stud.IP
It is no longer necessary to input courses in Stud.IP. All courses are transferred from UniVZ, with data updated nightly.

Changes to basic course data only possible in UniVZ
Changes in UniVZ to basic data, lecturers and dates of courses are carried out by your local UniVZ administrators and are then available the following day in Stud.IP too. Please note that the transferred data can no longer be changed in Stud.IP, changes must be made in UniVZ.

The following data is transferred from UniVZ to Stud.IP:

  • Personal data: room, office hours and telephone numbers of lecturers and other University of Göttingen staff.
  • All courses: please do not create any courses for the coming semester in Stud.IP if these exist (or might exist) in UniVZ too. In future they will automatically be transferred from UniVZ.
  • Course data: basic data, rooms, lecturers (not tutors, as this information is not available in UniVZ), dates (are always completely synchronised, manual changes in Stud.IP are overwritten on nightly synchronisation).
  • Affiliation to institutions: as a rule, data fields which are transferred from UniVZ to Stud.IP are barred from changes.
  • The course catalogue and the organigram: these structures are transferred in full, and are used in Stud.IP to group for course searches.

Unlock your course in Stud.IP
Following transfer to Stud.IP all courses are invisible and locked. Courses automatically become visible a few weeks before course start. However lecturers or Stud.IP administrators must manually unlock the courses, in order to allow students to register for the course and use it. The procedure for unlocking can be seen in an instructional film (german) and in the Help Wiki.

Locking prevents students signing up for courses which are not supervised in Stud.IP; students can add locked (but visible) courses to their timetable.

“Where are my courses?”
If your courses are input in UniVZ but can’t be seen in Stud.IP under “My courses”, please write to central Stud.IP support so that we can link your Stud.IP account with the UniVZ entry: