Dates and Deadlines

Decentralised Study Quality Resources

As decisions on the use of Study Quality Resources are to be made by the Committee, along with the Study Commission and opinions of the Faculty Council, we ask that you comply with the submission deadlines listed below.

Usually, the use of Study Quality Measures is decided upon one semester in advance.

For example: In the middle of the Summer Semester, the measures for the following Winter Semester would be agreed upon.

Applications handed in later can only be considered if the available funding has not yet been allocated. Please ask in advance in these circumstances.

The improved Controlling Measures of the Committee (requirements of the State Audit Office), require a term of around 9 weeks from the receival of the application until final approval.

Central Study Quality Measures

Applications for the use of Central Study Quality measures can be submitted to Frau Beckel, Stabsstelle Controlling,.