Study Quality Resources

General Information

With the changes to the NHG, tuition fees were abolished in the Winter Semester of 2014/2015, and a substitute, known as Study Quality Resources (SQM) was introduced.

These funds are to be used to safeguard and improve the quality of teaching and study conditions. The state has completely compensated for the tuition fees and the SQM funds are therefore adjusted dynamically in relation to the number of students.

Another new factor, is the combined decision-making process with the Committee and the Study Quality Commission. SQMs are distributed across the faculties and decisions within the faculty are made by the Study Commission of the individual faculties. Here, the decision is made by the Committee along with the Study Commission, after taking into account opinions of the Faculty Council. Details are then regulated by the basic order. In addition to this, the duration of the use of Study Quality funds is limited to two years, and an obligation to report on the use of the SQMs occurs on the 31.03 and 30.09 for the previous semester.

For further questions please contact Dyari Mohammed, who is responsible for this area at the Dean's Office.