Double degree programme in finance, accounting, taxes, and business economics in cooperation with Ghent University

Starting in the 2016/17 winter semester, the University of Göttingen Faculty of Business and Economics offers a double degree programme with the Ghent University Faculty for Economics and Business Administration (in Belgium). Within four semesters, well-qualified students can complete both a MSc degree in Finance, Accounting, and Taxes at the University of Göttingen, as well as a parallel MSc degree in Business Economics (with a focus on corporate finance or accounting) at Ghent University.

The double degree programme is an excellent opportunity to study abroad, and offers graduates excellent career opportunities in multinational companies, national and international organizations, and last but not least, the ability of applying for international PhD programmes.

Overview of the double degree programme

  • Language: German and English
  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Type: Full-time study
  • Degree: MSc in Finance, Accounting, and Taxes/ MSc in Business Economics
  • Required credits: 120 ECTS
  • Begins: Winter semester
  • Accreditation: ZEvA (MSc in Finance, Accounting, and Taxes)/ NVAO (MSc in Business Economics)
  • Capacity: 5 students per year

What does it mean to study in a double degree programme?

A double degree programme is an integrated international course of study that takes place partly at a German institute of higher education and partly at an international partner university. In a double degree programme, national degrees from both partner universities are awarded, as opposed to a single joint-degree from both partner universities.

In this programme, you spend two semesters at Ghent University (in the first year, beginning in September) and two semesters at the University of Göttingen (in the second year). In Göttingen, you complete a master's thesis in the fourth semester. As a graduate of the double degree programme, within four semesters, you earn two degrees from accredited master's programmes at two prestigious European universities with long traditions.

What are the advantages of a double degree?

When you participate in a double degree programme, you have the possibility to be part of a new academic programme at a partner university. This gives you access to courses that may not be offered at your home university, to gain exposure to a new study or research field, and to develop intercultural competencies in an international environment. The one-year study abroad period creates the possibility to develop an intensive familiarity with the culture and lifestyle of the host country. Take the opportunity to develop an international network and through this, to expand your professional career opportunities.

How do I apply to a double degree programme?

You apply simultaneously for the master programme in finance, accounting and taxes at the University of Göttingen and to participate in the double degree programme at Ghent University. You only need to apply to the University of Göttingen. An additional application to Ghent University is not necessary: Application for a Double Degree.

Please note that applications for double degree programmes can only be accepted in the winter semester.