Dr. Antonie Fuhse

Dr. Antonie Fuhse is a scientific coordinator in the research project “On the Materiality of (forced) Migration”, funded by the BMBF and lead by Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser. From 2010 to 2020 Antonie worked as a teaching assistant at our institute which involves collaborating with Elfriede Hermann's chair at the institute.
She did her Master's degree in Social Anthropology and Indology at the Georg-August-University and received an award for her Master thesis on Indo-Fijians and their modes of identification with Fiji. In 2019 she finished her PhD with the project “Mobility and time-work: Early-career researchers from India and their biographic navigation between present and future”. In her dissertation, she investigated mobility experiences, negotiations of multiple belonging and social expectations. She has a regional focus on India and is interested in migration, concepts of the self, imaginations of the future and the anthropology of youth.

From 2022 on she is working at the University Kassel.

Migration and mobility, transnationalism, youth, future, time, self.

India, Germany

Research with students and researchers from India in Göttingen