Dr. Christina Gabbert

Echi (Christina) Gabbert is a social anthropologist with extensive fieldwork experience in southern Ethopia. Her research on conflict and peacemaking among agro-pastoralists resulted in the award winning PhD thesis 'Deciding Peace' at the Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle/Saale, Germany. Echi's research foci reach from interethnic relations, agro-pastoral forms of subsistence and ecology, peace and conflict studies, material culture, oral history and music, to global markets and investment in Eastern Africa. At our institute, she is a research fellow and lecturer working in close collaboration with Nikolaus Schareika. Echi is currently developing the 'Global Neighbourhood approach' and coordinates the 'Lands of the Future' research network that connects scholars and practitioners who address land use changes on agro-pastoral territories.

Learn more about current projects at Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Schareika's research group's website

Learn more about the research network on the website of 'Lands of the Future'

Research Area(s)

North East Africa, South Omo Region, Ethiopia

Reseach Interests

Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Conflict and Gender, Peace Studies, Cultural Identity, Innovation and Cultural Change, Pastoralism, Cultural Neighbourhood, Global Neighbourhood, Investment, Global Markets and Changing Land Use, Development Cooperation, Visual Anthropology, Oral History, Music, Soundscape, Lands of the Future Research Network (LOF)