Dr. Jannik Schritt

Jannik Schritt works as a postdoctoral researcher in the department of Nikolaus Schareika. His research is particularly located in political anthropology and its interface with economic anthropology as well as science and technology studies. His research interests focus on political practice and political processes as epistemic windows into larger societal constellations. From the ethnographic perspective of the protest around the opening of an oil refinery in Niger, he thus explored the social, political and economic configuration of an oil nation in the making. Most recently, from the ethnographic perspective of the networking of translocal democracy experts, he explored the emergence of a new political space in which the focus is not on regulation or issue articulation, but on the design, marketing and dissemination of policy instruments as a central component of doing contemporary politics.

Political Anthropology; Politics, Power, Domination; Economic anthropology; Oil, capitalism and natural resources; Space, infrastructure; globalization; Practice theory, assemblage theory

West Africa, Niger

Doing mini-publics: the translocalisation of politics (2018-2021)

Oil and social change in Niger and Chad (2011 - 2017)