Dr. Julia Gruhlich

Julia Gruhlich is a sociologist, postdoc and project manager in the EU project "SMARTUP – Smart(ening up the modern) home: Redesigning power dynamics through domestic space digitalization" at the Institute for Diversity Research.

She has studied Social Anthropology and Philosophy in Mainz, Montpellier and Prague. She worked at various universities in Germany and abroad. She was an interim professor for Work, Economy and Ecology at the Philipps University of Marburg and an interim professor for Sociology at the University of Paderborn. In her dissertation, she explored career paths and work requirements in the automotive sector from a praxeological and intersectional perspective. She conducted research on downshifting and analyzed it in the context of labour and gender relations. Most recently, as part of a research project on the digitalisation of work in agriculture, she worked with researchers from applied computer science to analyse farmers' experiences with the digital transformation of work.

Main research areas:

  • Critical Social Theory
  • Sociology of Work and Organisation
  • Sociology of Gender and Feminist Theory
  • Diversity and Gender Equality Politics
  • Qualitative Methods

Further information: