My focus is on intercropping research, where I investigate the vertical root distribution of different legume-non legume species in pure stands and mixtures of different land use systems (winter faba bean-winter wheat, white clover-perennial ryegrass-chicory and poplar-robinia mixtures). I am also interested in eco physiological and biodiversity related research topics.

IMPAC³- Novel genotypes for mixed cropping allow for IMProved sustainable land use ACross arable land, grassland and woodland
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selected publications
Streit, J., Meinen, C. & R. Rauber, 2019: Intercropping effects on root distribution of eight novel winter faba bean genotypes mixed with winter wheat. Field Crops Res. 235, 1-10.

Streit, J., 2018: Biomass, root distribution and overyielding potential of faba bean/wheat and white clover/ryegrass mixtures. PhD-thesis, University of Göttingen.

Streit, J., Meinen, C., Nelson, W.C.D., Siebrecht-Schöll, D.J. & R. Rauber, in press. Above- and belowground biomass in a mixed cropping system with eight novel winter faba bean genotypes and winter wheat using FTIR spectroscopy for root species discrimination. Plant and Soil. DOI:10.1007/s11104-018-03904-y

Meinen, C., Streit, J., Legner, N., Naumann, A. & R. Rauber, 2018. FTIR-spectroscopy for root discrimination in multi-species mixtures. Mitt. Ges. Pflanzenbauwiss. 30, 167-168.

Streit, J., Meinen, C. & R. Rauber, 2017: Oberirdische Biomasse und Wurzelverteilung verschiedener Weißklee-Genotypen im Gemenge mit Deutschem Weidelgras und Zichorie. Mitt. Ges. Pflanzenbauwiss. 29, 112-113.

Streit J., Meinen C., Rauber R., 2016: Quantitative analysis of the root distribution in a faba bean-wheat intercropping system by Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. In Second International Legume Society Conference ILS2, Tróia, Portugal, 11-14 October 2016. ITQB NOVA, Oeiras, Portugal. p. 274

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