Equipment for chemical synthesis under inert-gas conditions

For chemical synthesis under rigorous inert-gas conditions, we have numerous Schlenk lines and a glove box.


Quadrupole-ion trap mass spectrometer HCT (Bruker Daltonik) with ESI source and home-built inlet line for substrates

The inlet line makes possible the controlled introduction of volatile substrates into the ion trap and the investigation of ion-molecule reactions in a quantitative manner (kinetic measurements).


Quadrupole-ion trap mass spectrometer amaZon speed (Bruker Daltonik) with ESI source

The state-of-the art quadrupole-ion trap allows the measurement of labile ions in high signal intensities.


Q-TOF mass spectrometer micrO-TOF-Q II (Bruker Daltonik) with ESI, APCI, and cryospray-ionization sources

The cryospray-ionization source is variant of a normal ESI source with cooling of the spraying and the drying gas to prevent the unwanted fragmentation of thermolabile analyte ions.


Ion-mobility mass spectrometer Synapt G2 HDMS (Waters)

We also have access to this ion-mobility instrument belonging to the institute's analytical service center. Ion-mobility measurements afford insight into the three-dimensional structure of the analyte ions.


UV/vis spectrometer and gas chromatograph

In order to monitor reactions, we also use one UV/vis spectrometer with a special immersion probe allowing for measurements in solution under inert-gas conditions as well as a gas chromatograph for synthesis.