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Article on the surprising kinetic stability of organometallic compounds
At the instance of gaseous organozincate anions, Rene and Konrad found that they can be surprisingly stable. In species containing both alkyl and hydroxy groups, proton transfer is favored to occur at the O site. The paper has been published in Chem. Eur. J..

New publication on anionic living polymerization
Niklas, Matthias and Konrad used ESI mass spectrometry to live monitor how a living anionic polymerization takes place. The publication can be found in Chem. Eur. J..

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Prof. Dr. Konrad Koszinowski
Institute of Organic and
Biomolecular Chemistry
Tammannstr. 2
37077 Göttingen

Room P 5
OC-Praktikumsgebäude (EG)
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Phone: ++49 (0)551 3933255
Email: konrad.koszinowski@chemie.uni-goettingen.de