Erasmus + Green Travel

Green Travel:

Students who use a low-emission means of transport for the outward and return journey (at least 60%) can apply for a so-called "Green Travel Top up". Sustainable means of transport are bus, train, carpooling (carpooling with at least 3 people) or bicycle.

Top up - additional financial support for student mobility study programme (SMS) or internship (SMP):

Funding project 2023/24:
  • one-off EUR 50
  • depending on the distance Göttingen - destination additional funding of up to 4 travel days
Funding project 2024/25 (subject to change):
  • depending on the distance Göttingen - destination Funding of up to 6 travel days

What do I need to do?

An initial query is made during the application procedure for a study or practical stay. Students who have been selected and nominated for a stay abroad will then receive a link from Göttingen International during the further procedure. Via the mobility portal, it is possible to apply for the Green Travel top up within a given period of time. Late applications cannot be considered. Sustainable means of transport include (as of 05/2023): bus, train, carpooling, bicycle. Excluded are: plane, car (individual travel). Other means of transport will be considered by Göttingen International upon application. In case of approval, students are obliged to keep evidence such as tickets and submit them when requested (random checks).

Further information:

Green Travel:

Academic and administrative staff can receive additional funding (top up) for Green Travel if they use a low-emission mode of transportation (bus, train,carpooling with 3 or more people, or bike).

Top up:

Teaching Mobility (STA) or Staff Mobility (STT):

  • €30- €80 higher rate, depending on distance

What do I need to do?

When applying, already specify the means of transport of your choice. If your application is successful, you will then have to provide proof (e.g. ticket) that you are using a low-emission means of transport for the main part of your journey even before you start your mobility. The additional funding (top up) is noted in the funding agreement.


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