The GAUSS PhD Programme in Environmental Informatics (PEI) is represented by the PEI Examination Board. The Board decides on the admittance of doctoral students to the programme. The Board currently consists of the following members:

Members entitled to vote:

  • Prof. Dr. Winfried Kurth (Director and Speaker, Ecoinformatics)
  • Prof. Dr. Ramin Yahyapour (Director of the Centre of Applied Informatics)
  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Waak (Dean of Students, Informatics, ex officio)

Advisory Members

  • Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Fu (Speaker, Computer Science)
  • Prof. Dr. B. Morgenstern (Speaker, Bioinformatics)
  • Prof. Dr. M. Kappas (Speaker, Geoinformatics)

Authorised Supervisors

The authorised supervisors for the doctoral programme are subdivided in the three groups shown below. One supervisor must be chosen from either of the top two groups (environmental informatics or core computer sciences and scientific computing). An additional supervisor may be chosen from the group of applied sciences if it appears to be scientifically meaningful.

Additional individuals can be given PEI membership by the PEI Management Board in agreement with the GAUSS Board of Directors, if they are proposed by the PEI speaker. The present members belong to the Faculties for Mathematics and Computer Science, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology, the Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Physics and Faculty of Medicine.