Excursion to the exhibition BIOFACH in Nürnberg


Last February 14th a group of students of the MSc. Program International Agribusiness and Rural Development together with some PhD-candidates of the faculty of Agricultural Economics visited the BIOFACH, which is a world leading trade fair for organic food and takes place every year in Nürnberg with the aim of promote the organic food industry worldwide.
After looking at the wide range of products and services offered, talked with several producers, marketers, certifiers and representatives of research centers, the highlighted points were:

  • Great number of countries.
  • Relevance of certifiers and associations for organic produce and processes.
  • Marketing strategies and marketing trends related to wellbeing and health.
  • Changing consumer preferences for ready-to-eat meals.
  • Research and development centers offering services to producers and processors.
  • Vegans? marker is a growing area.
  • The most recurrent products: Moringa, cacao and Chia.
  • The main marketing channel for the majority of products exhibited is the retailer.
  • Developing countries sell mainly organic basic food and raw material.

  • A one day excursion was not enough to cover all the topics that could be addressed in a fair with so much potential; in this case the group-visit enhanced the personal experience trough sharing experiences with the other students at the end of the visit.
    The opportunity to participate in events of such relevance for agribusiness provides a broader view of the environment in which we are working.


    Exkursion zur Messe BIOFACH in Nürnberg