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Faculty colors are based on old gown colors

Faculties at the Georgia Augusta have had a color of their own only since the middle of the 19th century. New black gowns with colored detailing were ordered for the centenniary celebration in 1837. King Ernst August liked the restrained gowns so much that he declared them official wear for professors. Faculty colors today are derived from this occasion. Academic gowns have gone out of fashion since the 1970s when students wanted to sweep the supposedly conserved staleness and inactivity of a thousand years from underneath them ('Unter den Talaren, Muff von 1000 Jahren').

    Faculty Colors of 1837
  • Theological Faculty = Black
  • Faculty of Law = Scarlet
  • Faculty of Medicine = Crimson
  • Faculty of Philosophy = Purple

  • New Faculty Colors since 1922
  • Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences = Yellow/Brown
  • Faculty of Forestry = Green
  • Faculty of Agriculture = Grey
  • Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences = Royal Blue