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The Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology offers an up-to-date and varied course of study that illuminates forests with their properties and their importance for biodiversity and climate protection, but also explicitly deals with the possibilities of human use, thereby addressing economic questions as well as social ones, and the dimension of forests and its use. The course also provides knowledge about the properties and possible uses of wood and wood products. Our faculty maintains numerous cooperations with other universities, research institutions and interdisciplinary centers all over the world and is active in many interdisciplinary research associations.

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  • Füldner Ernennung

    Our faculty presents:
    Prof. Dr. Kai Füldner

    Prof. Dr. Kai Füldner was appointed honorary professor of the university on 14.04.2023 at the request of our faculty. Prof. Füldner is the director of the Kassel Museum of Natural History and has been active in teaching at our faculty for many years. The faculty is pleased about the appointment and welcomes Prof. Füldner.

  • 2023-InesTeichert 072_klein_kleinn

    Our faculty presents:
    Dr. Ines Teichert

    Ms. Teichert joined our faculty in february to fill the position of professor of Forest Botany and Tree Physiology.
    A warm welcome!

  • Henrik Hartmann_klein

    Our faculty presents:
    Prof. Dr. Henrik Hartmann

    Mr. Hartmann joined our faculty in december as a professor of Forest Conservation (bridge professorship) and head of the Institute of Forest Conservation at the Julius Kühn Institute.
    A warm welcome!

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