FAQ UNIcert®

Is it possible to attain the UNIcert Certificate at ZESS?
It is indeed possible to attain a UNIcert® certificate from us upon request. Simply fill out the forms here.

UNIcert® certificates are only issued at ZESS if (i) you are a student at Georg-August University of Göttingen and (ii) have gone through the certificate programme and passed the required exams. An overview can be found in the UNIcert® Assessment Regulations.

Certificate fees cost 20 euros. A sample certificate can be found here.

Which courses do I have to attend?

This chart presents an overview of the modules permitted in the certificate programme. Students are not required to take all the modules listed here for the certificate and may feel free to take a course of their choosing. They are, however, obliged to take the module required to complete their niveau. Please note that taking a placement test alone does not mean that you have acquired a UNIcert® certificate.

Can I take crash courses?
Yes. It is neither important when you attend a course nor what kind of course you attend; thus, feel free to attend courses that take place during the university session, crash courses during the semester holidays and/or blended-learning courses. Please note, however, that independent learning courses only qualify on rare occasions.

Do I have to write an additional exam for the certificate?
Yes and no.

Here at ZESS, there are two means by which it is possible to attain a UNIcert® certificate: either through an accumulation of final module examinations, or by taking a UNIcert® certificate-specific examination upon passing the final module examinations. Certificate examinations are offered for Level C1 and might want to be considered if you plan on applying for a master's degree.

Whichever way you choose: You are not permitted to sit for an examination without first having attended the course it is for.

An overview can be found in the UNIcert® Examination Regulations.

When is the next examination?
If you would like to acquire the UNIcert® certificate by sitting for a number of final module examinations, simply sit for the examinations as a 'normal' course participant would. UNIcert® certificate exams, on the other hand, usually take place twice a year, once at the end of each semester and require prior registration within the stated registration phase. The current timetable can be found on the ZESS website.

How do I prepare for the examinations?
We recommend making use of the exam preparation material from the course you are attending, as well as taking a mock exam.

How are the examinations structured?
UNIcert® certificate exams and final module exams do not vary from each other, as both test listening comprehension, reading comprehension, composition and oral expression in an academic setting. They comprise the following assessment components, consisting of the four language skills:

Listening/Reading ComprehensionIndividual Work
Case Studies (optional)Individual or Groupwork
Oral ExpressionIndividual or Groupwork

The exact time and structure of the examination may vary slightly from the above table depending on your language niveau and the language you are taking the examination for. Generally, however, the oral examination and written examination are held on separate dates. Further information regarding the examinations can be found in the assessment regulations.

All the assessment components are conjunct, differing solely in their method of viewing a particular topic. While the topic in question may vary, it always draws upon subject matter discussed in the course.

How is the examination assessed?

• Each language skill (listening, reading, writing, speaking) is graded individually.
• Your final grade is calculated through the grade point average.
• You will need to pass each assessment component to pass the whole exam.
• Grades are issued in accordance with the German grading system (1.0 till 4.0 = passed; 5.0 = failed).
• Your final grade will be visible on FlexNow. You may view the grades of the individual components by requesting an exam review.

We constantly strive to make use of the four-eye principle when assessing in order to guarantee an objective and credible result. Should you, however, still think that your grade contains an error, contact your course supervisor.

Why is a UNIcert® certificate valuable?

A UNIcert® certificate provides you the chance to display your unique, personalised skill set at job interviews. As a credible system of certification and accreditation, UNIcert® certificates prove your participation in a certified language training course and, further, that you are:

• not only able to read, write and understand words in a particular foreign language, but also able to speak and hold comprehensive discussions
• familiar with the modi operandi of the academic world and have the necessary communication skills required in the career world, such as presenting and compiling reports
• able to grasp complex concepts swiftly
• able to bridge gaps between cultures due to your familiarity with the communication culture of the foreign language you have learned as well as your knowledge of its academic culture and decorum in the career world
• open to situations and qualities that stray from the norm due to your multilingualism
• a troubleshooter
• enthusiastic about task-based teamwork

Where is UNIcert® recognised?

Georg-August University of Göttingen
Most degree programmes accept UNIcert® certificates in their admission policies.

Other Higher Educational Institutes
There are numerous local and international higher educational institutes that acknowledge UNIcert® certificates, besides those representing the UNIcert® alliance. An overview of these institutions can be found here.

International Organisations and Employers
The DAAD recognises UNIcert® certificates, thus eliminating the need to take additional tests for overseas stays during your studies.

What should I do if questions persist?
Simply contact the Language Test Centre at ZESS.