Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for admission to the IP-IT Law LLM Program?

Does my first degree have to be in law?

What counts as professional experience?

How good should my English skills be?

Do I have to know German?

How can I apply for admission?

When should I apply?

What are the benefits of applying early?

Can I get any scholarship to finance my LLM studies at Göttingen?

Can I attend a German language course at the University's language center?

How can I book a dormitory room?

Am I required to have health insurance while studying in Germany?

How can I obtain a student visa?

Can I travel to other European countries with my German student visa?

Can foreign students work in Germany during their studies?

Can I gain some practical experience in Germany after obtaining my LL.M. degree?

Can the Program help me to find an internship or employment?

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