Film documents officially presented to the State of Kiribati

Originally recorded by Dr. Gerd Koch but now on DVD, 70 ethnographic film documents were presented to the State of Kiribati by Dr. Rolf Husmann and Dr. Wolfgang Kempf. The handover took place at Tarawa Atoll on 15 September 2010. Representing the government was Depweh Kanono, permanent secretary of the Ministry of Internal and Social Affairs. One set of this visual documentation of cultural heritage was handed to Natan Itonga from Te Umwanibong, the Culture Center and Museum of Kiribati. Another went to the National Archives of Kiribati, represented here by Temabine Obeta. Tawaria Komwenga from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration directed proceedings. Two media representatives ensured this event received prominent radio and press coverage. (Photos: Dr. E. Hermann)

Kiribas 1

Kiribas 2

Kiribas 3

Kiribas 4
(Fotos: E. Hermann, 2010)

Kiribati Übergabe DVD
(Foto: R. Husmann, 2011)