Financing options for your time abroad

There are multiple institutions, listed below, to which you can apply for financing to finance your time abroad. Most of the scholarships for students are granted through the German Academic Exchange Service (Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst (DAAD)).

  • German Academic Exchange Service (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD))

  • There is also extensive information on financing options, overseas student loan etc on the Initiative study-worldwide website.

  • Overseas Student LoanAnother important funding opportunity is the overseas student loan. This can be claimed even if you are not eligible for the standard domestic student loan during your studies in Germany. The overseas student loan will reimburse tuition fees of up to 4,600 euros per academic year. You may also apply for travel and health insurance along with the student loan, and also fees for the visa/residency if you are to be staying outside of the EU.

    Weitere Informationen zum Auslands-BAföG finden Sie unter

  • Education loan for Study Abroad
    Since April 1st, 2001, an initial credit for study abroad can be applied for, additional to the Student Loan, from the Federal Office of Administration in Köln, 50728. More detailed information can be obtained by calling 0221/7584492, or under the following webpages:

  • Erasmus
    If you are studying under the Erasmus programme, you will automatically receive a small scholarship to aid in your stay abroad.
    Further information can be found on the Erasmus webpage from the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences:

  • Erasmus+ Key Action 107 - Mobility of Individuals outside of Europe
    The European support programme Erasmus+ offers the opportunity in worldwide exchanges from higher education institutes through the existing European programme countries. With the establishment of the funding line in 2015 from Erasmus+ KA107 “Mobility with Partner Countries”, the mobility of individuals is supported for the higher education sector to partner universities outside of Europe.
    Further information can be found here:ät-von-einzelpersonen-außerhalb-europas-/541186.html

  • Erasmus Mundus
    Erasmus Mundus is a programme of the European Union and offers scholarships for students and academics in scientific exchanges.

  • PROMOS: Program for the enhancement of the mobility of students of German institutes of higher education
    PROMOS is a programme of the University of Göttingen, which wants to increase the mobility of students. Therefore, there are scholarships offered to encourage foreign exchanges.

  • Bayer Foundation
    The Bayer Foundation supports young researchers in innovative, international projects.

  • Carlo-Schmid-Programme
    The Carlo-Schmid-Programme is a full scholarship, supported by the DAAD, for internships at international organisations (e.g. UN) and European institutions.
    Please Note: Application deadlines for the period September 2017 to June 2018 is the 24th of February 2017!

  • Index of German foundations

  • Stube Lower Saxony
    For international students, who would like to complete their Master Thesis in a foreign country, and not in Göttingen, there is the Stube (Study Accompanying Programme) Lower Saxony Scholarship.

  • Acadmeic Foundation Ranke-Heinemann
    The Ranke-Heinemann Academic Foundation supports students who are planning on studying abroad in Australia or New Zealand.

  • Tuition Waiver-Programme
    With the Tuition Waiver Programme, study fees are able to be waived abroad.
    Checklist for applicants for the Tuition Waiver Programme (german only pdf).

  • USA Scholarships from the Fullbright Commission