General overview of GFA scholarships and allowances

General requirements

  • Eligible for applying are doctoral candidates, who are members of the GFA (until completing the doctoral examination process by receiving the degree certificate, but no longer than a year after the oral defense).
  • PhD students have to submit a certificate of enrolment valid for the period of the event.
  • Only members of the University of Göttingen are eligible for application.
  • Timely submission of the application
  • Complete application documents (including statement/report of the professor if applicable)
  • Compliance with the obligation to submit annual progress reports to the Thesis Committee
Please note: The number of grants awarded per quarterly period as well as the amount of allowances is dependent on the budget situation of the GFA.

Application deadlines

  • 15th March -> earliest possible start of funding: 1st May
  • 15th June -> earliest possible start of funding: 1st August
  • 15th September -> earliest possible start of funding: 1st November
  • 15th December -> earliest possible start of funding: 1st February of the following year
For allowances for conference:
Earliest possible start of funding = commencement of the trip

Please send your application (one PDF file, max. 10 MB) to