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Genetic engineering

The current forms for the notification/approval of genetic engineering facilities pursuant to the Genetic Engineering Act can be downloaded here.

Are you planning to build, register or apply for a genetic engineering facility for research purposes at safety levels 1 or higher?

Would you like to add rooms to an existing genetic engineering facility or make room modifications?

Do you need to change your contact person - project manager (PM), biosafety officer (BSO) - and do you have questions about the required qualifications?

Are you looking for legal basics, safety regulations, equipment rules?

Do you have questions about the safety rating?

Do you want to decommission your previously approved genetic engineering facility?

In all these cases, the responsibility for the operation lies with the University management (President/Presidential Board), which is supported administratively by the Safety/Environmental Protection.
Therefore, in all matters relating to genetic engineering, always contact the Coordinator for Genetic Engineering, Dr Voget, tel. 24410, first.