"Geography: Ressource Analysis and Resource Management"

Regular study period: 4 semesters
Begin of studies: only in the winter semester
Closing date for applications: 1. Juli (receipt of application documents at the faculty)

Please note:

The study programme is ZEvA accredited.
Ein geographischer Master-Studiengang zu Ressourcenanalyse und Ressourcenmanagement an der Uni Göttingen

The Master’s Study Programme in Geography at Göttingen

A geographic study programme about the perception, evaluation, usage, protection and distribution of resources in a globalised world.

The underlying goal of the master’s study programme “Geography: Resource analyses and management” at the Georg-August-University Göttingen is procurement and broadening of geographic in depth-knowledge for the working world and academic career paths.

Furthermore this study programme enables the student to have an overview of the core relationships in the area of resource analyses and management and apply scientific methods and knowledge.

The educational objectives are orientated at regional and global problems of resource use. The solutions to the problems in this field are developed from both perspectives of physical geography and human geography.

Moreover the advanced application of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and methods of remote sensing with the analyses, evaluation and usage of resources are trained.

Individually shape your study programme

You can choose from a wide range of non-geographical compulsory-elective modules from various other scientific disciplines. Together with a selection of geographical compulsory-elective modules and key competences you can set an individual course of study, for example ecologic resource analyses, GIS-based valuation of resources or resource management.

Competence for a scientific research career and many other fields of occupation

A master’s degree in Geography opens up many possibilities for a future career in scientific research. It is the basis for further education and doctoral studies.

This study programme also qualifies for attractive careers outside the university. It helps to develop the necessary skills and competencies for specialised and leading jobs in the field of resource use, analyses, evaluation and protection. The programme prepares for careers in national and international organisations as well as consulting and engineering companies of various specialisations, like conservation, environmental evaluation and precaution (i.e. insurance) or development cooperation.