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Geoscience (M.Sc.)

Research-oriented and interdisciplinary: The Master's degree programme in Geosciences is clearly research-oriented and connects knowledge of the natural sciences and analytical knowledge with geoscientific issues from the field. This Master's degree enables you to analyse, evaluate and further develop geoscientific issues and insights in a well-founded manner.

Programme name: Geoscience
Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Standard period of study: 4 semesters
Starting semester: winter and summer semester
Admission: open
Admission requirements: Bachelor B.Sc., admission interview
Application: Application Homepage
Application deadline: June 1st
Language of the Programme: English

Programme description
The Master’s programme in Geoscience is held in the English language and builds on the Bachelor’s programme or closely related subjects. It is clearly research oriented and aimed toward students with solid basic knowledge in geosciences. They will learn to analyse geoscientific contents and findings, and to evaluate and further develop them.

The programme is completely modular and corresponds to modern international standards. All courses and subjects are taken in learning units (modules) coordinated thematically and time-wise and with a credit value (credits = C). The total scope of the programme covers 120C. Based on a broad geoscientific fundament, the programme offers specialisations in the disciplines of geobiology, geochemistry, geology or geomaterials, which is generally accompanied by the 6-month Master thesis in the 4th semester. An individually created elective section allows students to acquire specific knowledge in other geoscientific areas or beyond. The emphasis on key competencies in the area entitled "Working Scientifically“ (project planning, presentation, written manuscript) is intended to foster independent scientific thinking and acting.

Professional fields
The internationally recognized degree "Master of Science in Geoscience“ (M.Sc.) qualifies graduates for the worldwide occupational field of geosciences in diverse branches of industry (among them raw materials extraction, construction materials testing and research, consulting and engineer offices, land development), in environmental protection, with insurance companies, administration and public offices, international organisations and comparable institutions. The degree "Master of Science“ is the requirement for additional scientific qualifications in doctoral programmes and/or an occupation at university and non-university research institutes.