German for academic administration

Responsible person
Dr. Gesa Singer
Faculty of Agricultural Sciences: 0
Faculty of Forest Sciences: 2
5th, 11th and 12th Oct

9:00 - 18:15
FSR 1.1

Büsgenweg 1
37077 Göttingen
Number of students
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Learning outcome, core skills:

  • Develop competences in written and oral communication in German (as a foreign language).
  • Students will analyse and produce communicative routines in administration correspondence and conversation.
  • Students will develop their potential in self-presentation (e.g. application)
  • Students will train their communication skills in authentic and simulated situations

Course: Course: This course on „German for academic administration“ aims at supporting and inspiring academics in communicate settings that will be part of their everyday academic lives. Engagement with authentic material that involves exploring and learning actual content. Training in writing, characterised by basic terminology, syntactical structure and communicative practice. Students can develop their own understanding and role with regard to communication and cooperation in the target language.

Preparation Phase: Students work on homework, resp. applications
Block 1
(1 day): focus on grammatical structures, text patterns, vocabulary, communicative routines in correspondence (written)

Self-study time

Block 2 (1 day): focus on grammatical structures, text patterns, grammar, vocabulary, communicative routines (written and oral); self-presentations

Block 3 (1 day): focus on communicative patterns of team discussions, grammar, vocabulary, (written and oral): self-presentations, and acting in teams

Students’ self-presentations, simulations of communicative situations Feedback / reflexing phase

Examination: Presentation (20 min) and written outlines (max. 5 pages)

Recommended literature that will be used in the class:
The class will be working with the book “Geschäftskommunikation – Verhandlungssprache” (ISBN 978-3-19-091598-9). Some copies of the book can be borrowed at the GFA Central Office for a deposit of 25 € (payed back after return).

Admission requirements:

  • Knowledge in communicative routines in correspondence and team discussions
  • Application of grammatical structures, text patterns and vocabulary
  • Oral and written presentation of interdisciplinary project outlines
  • Students of GFA, other PhD students if free places are available

Cancellation policy:

Your registration for courses and workshops offered by the GFA is binding. If you want to cancel your registration later than three weeks prior to the workshop start date, you have to provide a physician's note, otherwise you will be barred from registering for GFA courses for the period of one year.

Absence policy

To earn credits for a workshop/course, you must not miss more than 10% of total contact hours. In most cases, this will be less than a day. If it is inevitable that you miss more than a whole day, please notify us well in advance (at least one week).