The graduate committee

The graduate committee organises and assures the quality of the examinations and all tasks assigned in the GFA doctoral degree regulations. The graduate committee consists of eight members with voting rights:

  • the Deans of Study at the two faculties,
  • two members of the professoral group,
  • two members of the scientific employee group holding a doctoral degree,
  • two doctoral candidates (student members).

At least one professor should also be a board member. A deputy has to be appointed for each member of the committee. The members remain in office for two years, while the student members remain in office for one year.

Deans of studyDeputies
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jaeger
Prof. Dr. Andreas von Tiedemann
Professoral groupDeputies
Prof. Dr. Dirk Jaeger Prof. Dr. Kai Zhang
Prof. Dr. Daniel Mörlein Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Beneke
Scientific employee groupDeputies
Dr. Jens Dyckmans Dr. Dominik Seidel
Dr. Marcel Naumann Pauline Rummel
Student membersDeputies
Jasper Fuchs Jan Schick
Sabrina Bethge Karina Brenneis