Computational Condensed Matter Theory and Quantum Many-Body Physics (Heidrich-Meisner group)

Our group investigates quantum many-body systems using primarily numerical techniques. We are interested in the quantum phases of strongly correlated systems, their transport properties and nonequilibrium physics. Examples of experimental systems that motivate our work are strongly-correlated electron materials, nanoscopic systems, and ultracold atomic gases. Currently, our main activities focus on nonequilibrium dynamics, thermalization, many-body localization, electron-phonon coupled systems and topological states of matter in quantum many-body systems. The set of methods include exact diagonalization and matrix-product-state based approaches such as the density matrix renormalization group technique.

Heidrich-Meisner Group (Copyright Salvatore Manmana, July 2022)

Heidrich-Meisner Group Summer 2018, Figure by F. Heidrich-Meisner